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What are marker clusters and how to use

Marker Cluster

The marker clustering utility helps you to manage multiple markers at different zoom levels.When a user views the map at a high zoom level, the individual markers show on the map. When the user zooms out, the markers gather together into clusters, to make viewing the map easier.
If you have a lot of markers on the map, it’s better to use Marker Cluster setting to organize them better visually.

How to use marker cluster

Follow the steps below to add a marker cluster:

Step 1 Go to Add or Edit map and scroll down to the ‘Marker Cluster Settings’ section.

Step 2 Enable the box of ‘Apply Marker Cluster’.

Step 3 Then Enable Apply Style(s) option and select any icon.(See Screenshot)

What are marker clusters and how to use Wpmapspro

Step 4 Click Save Map and open it in browser.
* Zoom out the map to see the marker cluster.The number on a cluster indicates how many markers it contains.

Cluster Frontend page

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