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MySQL Data on Google Maps



Experience the fluid synergy between your MYSQL database and Google Maps with the groundbreaking “MySQL Data on Google Maps” extension. This remarkable tool streamlines the process of showcasing MYSQL database entries on Google Maps through WP Maps Pro. Discover a new level of ease and flexibility as site administrators effortlessly manage the display of information on Google Maps.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless MYSQL Integration: Seamlessly merge MYSQL database entries with the dynamic canvas of Google Maps. This extension offers a streamlined way to showcase your database information on the map platform.
  2. Admin-Friendly Management: Empower administrators with complete control over the information displayed on Google Maps. Effortlessly choose the information pieces you want to showcase, creating a customized map experience.
  3. Dynamic Info-Windows and Listings: Elevate user engagement by displaying any field value from your database entries within interactive info-windows and listings on the map. This creates a rich and informative user experience.
  4. Automatic Data Display: By entering the table name and performing column mappings, the extension takes care of the rest. The addon intuitively displays data from the specified table on Google Maps, seamlessly generated by the WP MAPS PRO plugin.
  5. Latitude and Longitude Mapping: For marker placement, the plugin requires latitude and longitude values from a column in your custom table. Whether directly present or serialized, the extension offers customization services for precise marker placement.
  6. Demo-Powered Assurance: Curious to witness the extension’s capabilities? Explore our demo to experience firsthand how the MYSQL database table seamlessly populates markers, info-window content, and listing content on Google Maps.

Why Opt for the MySQL Data on Google Maps Extension?

This extension bridges the gap between your MYSQL database and Google Maps, creating a harmonious blend of information and visualization. By simplifying data integration and allowing customization, you’re empowered to curate a dynamic and informative map experience.

Experience the future of seamless data transition. Witness how the “MySQL Data on Google Maps” extension seamlessly integrates your MYSQL database with WP Maps Pro, creating an engaging and interactive representation of your data on Google Maps.

Step into a world of data and visualization synergy. Elevate your map presentations with the “MySQL Data on Google Maps” extension – where MYSQL entries and Google Maps unite seamlessly.

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