Mysql To Maps

Premium plugin for displaying MySql Data on google maps

MySql To WP Maps


Current Version : 1.0.2

With this MYSQL To WP Maps extension, you can display MySql database entries on google maps very easily and with flexibility. Site admins can easily manage information pieces they want to display on google maps.

You can display any field value of table column in the info-window and listing easily. Just enter the table name and do the column mappings. Our addon will automatically display data of that table on google maps generated by our WP MAPS PRO plugin. Our plugin will need latitude and longitude values directly on any column of your custom table to show a marker. If table is storing this information in a serialized format, you can take our customisation services to make it work for you.

Checkout working demo. All the data on map ( markers, infowindow content and listing content ) is coming from a MySql Database Table present along with wordpress’s default tables.