Gravity Form Submissions

Premium plugin for displaying gravity form entries on google maps

Gravity Form Submissions for Maps


Current Version : 1.0.2

Gravity Form Submissions for Google Maps is the perfect tool to quickly and easily display your gravity form submissions on a custom map. Gain powerful insight as to where your form data is being submitted from, set custom markers per entry, or filter entries by any field you choose. It’s easy to customize maps with full control of colors, size, level of zoom, and more! It’s never been easier to visualize your data in a way that offers great value to businesses and customers alike. With Gravity Forms Submissions for Maps, it’s a breeze to make sense of complex data sets and analyze trends across geography.

With Gravity Forms submissions, you can easily embed relevant location data into Google Maps. Just use dynamic placeholders in the info-window and listing to display any field value of an existing entry, creating a beautiful visual display of information.

Checkout as we do in the below example.