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Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps



Dive into a world of powerful insights with the revolutionary “Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps” tool. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Gravity Forms, this extension empowers you to transform your form data submissions into a dynamic and visually captivating map experience. Gain an invaluable perspective on the geographical distribution of your form submissions, set custom markers, and uncover trends that inform businesses and engage customers.

Key Highlights:

  1. Seamless Form Data Mapping: Elevate your form data analytics by displaying submissions on a custom map. This extension provides a streamlined approach to visualize where your data originates, creating a new layer of insight.
  2. Custom Markers for Insights: Enhance your data visualization with custom markers for each entry. Tailor your map to represent specific submissions with distinct markers, enabling a quick and intuitive analysis.
  3. Effortless Data Filtering: The extension empowers you to filter entries by any field of your choice. This flexibility adds depth to your analysis, ensuring that your map presentation aligns with your analytical goals.
  4. Full Customization Control: Craft maps that match your vision by controlling colors, size, zoom levels, and more. Customization allows you to tailor your map display to your unique needs.
  5. Dynamic Info-Window and Listing: Utilize dynamic placeholders to embed relevant location data into Google Maps. Info-windows and listings can display any field value of an existing entry, providing a rich and informative display of information.

Why Opt for Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps?

The “Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps” extension revolutionizes your approach to form data analysis. By transforming submissions into a dynamic map experience, you gain actionable insights and engage your audience in a novel way.

Experience the convergence of data and visualization. Witness how the “Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps” extension seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms, empowering you to unveil geographical trends and insights with a captivating map experience.

Step into a world of data-driven understanding. Elevate your form data analytics with the “Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps” extension – where form submissions and maps unite seamlessly.

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