You can display posts on Google Maps using the google-maps-meta box located at every post type. Create assigned to categories custom post types and pages with location addresses that will be displayed on a map. The content will be shown in infowindows.


In Google Maps app you see information about objects after clicking on them. It’s pretty convenient, isn’t it? So, why not to add this feature to your website and display posts on the map? Have doubts about the relevance? Let’s consider the advantages. Installing the plugin you’ll be able to:

  • Link pages to certain locations.
  • Display short information about objects straight on the Google Map.
  • Help users quickly switch between locations comparing them.
  • Keep customers on your website for a longer time.
  • Collect all necessary information in one place and prevent people from visiting other resources for more details.
  • Use categories to display posts in an organized way.
  • Add filters to sort out information according to customers’ preferences.

Sounds useful both for you and your clients, isn’t it? Below you’ll find an example of how to put these benefits into practice.

How it works

To install this feature follow the instructions in our guide. The process is pretty simple: you’ll just have to enter the details like title, description, address, coordinates and category on the admin panel. You can also add extra fields using placeholders. The tutorial is available by the link above.

Make these steps to display posts on Google Maps:

  1. Decide information in what kind of category you need to find and what’s the location.
  2. Enter the  name of the country, city, state or other location data in the field below the map.
  3. Select the category you need.
  4. If you want to choose among establishments, they are shown in the table in the upper right corner. 
  5. Click on the object you’re interested in on the Google Map and the plugin will display the post.
  6. There is also a list of posts below the map. Click on the title of the one that you like and see it on the map.

Here is an example of how you can do it. Let’s suppose we want to find motivational articles from American universities. To do it we type in ‘United States’ in the field for location, select tag ‘Motivational’ and tick the box ‘Universities’ in the table. This is what we get:

We can click either on the Google Map markers or on the titles in the list below to display posts.

Try out this feature using our example map: