Each category can have its own marker icon to visualize them differently on the map. Using the WP MAPS PRO plugin you can choose between a number of available marker icons or upload your own. You can change the marker category icons from URL, media library, and pre-defined icons by the plugin.

Step 1 Go to Add Marker Category from WP Google Map Plugin and click choose button.

Marker Category Icon

A popup will display, where you can add a marker icon from From Computer tab, From the URL tab, and from Media Library.

From Computer :

Step 2 Select any image from the computer then it will be displayed in the ‘Media library ’.

Step 3 Go to the Media Library tab and click the show link from the right side which marker or image you want to display.

Media Library Image


Step 3 After opening, you can edit the image size. Click on Edit image then click to insert into a post below the same popup.

Image Size Edit

Step 4 Then click Save Marker Category.

You will see your selected custom marker displayed on your map.

Custom marker Map

From URL :

Step 1 Copy Image Url from any site and paste in Url tab.

From URL

Step 2 Then click insert into post on the below of the same popup.You will see your selected custom marker display in your map.

Media Library :

All computer selected markers display in media library. You can select them click on show link and then click to insert into post.

Choose Icons :

You can select icons from Pre defined icons in choose icon tab.

Marker Icons

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