Using the WP Google Map Pro plugin you can change the focus of a map clicking on markers. It will be centered around the selected locations. Infowindows with key details will also appear on the screen.

Why you need it

You might have seen this feature on many websites with maps. Why do they apply it? Just recall in your mind how convenient it was to look for the amenities you were interested in and it will become clear. For better understanding we’ve prepared a list of benefits people get with this option: 

  • When Google Map changes center point on a marker click, it allows better navigation.
  • Users don’t have to scroll and zoom too long to find the location they need.
  • It is easy to explore what objects are situated in a certain area.
  • Infowindows display short descriptions helping to identify and distinguish locations.
  • Site visitrors’ attention focuses on places they want to learn more about.

It’s pretty convenient for travel agencies or sites with recommendations for tourists. Their clients can easily search for places of interest in a certain area. A Google Map will change center point on a marker click and people will get the information they need. It helps to see what establishments there are nearby and plan a trip or a route. 

Another example is real estate. Help customers to find property around some places and compare them. Focusing on a certain area will help to take a closer look at the intended district and explore it better. Infowindows will provide key details about apartments and houses.

For companies that have offices in different countries, this feature will also be useful. Changing center point on a marker click Google Map will be focused on subsidiaries that site visitors will select. It will help to learn more information about them like address or what building looks like. You can also embed links to pages or websites of local offices to redirect customers there.

Those who manage chains of cafes, restaurants or stores in different cities will also find this option useful. Marking all establishments on a map will be beneficial at least because it will show the scale of your business. People usually click only on those objects they consider visiting, that’s why focusing on the selected ones will help them navigate faster and with less effort.

How to set 

  1. To add the function of changing center point on a marker click you’ll need to open the section with infowindow settings.  
  2. Tick the appropriate box. Here is a link to the guide with screenshots. This option is below the field for selecting a zoom level. 

Now try out how centering on a certain location works using the Google Map below: