Most Advanced Google Maps Plugin Ever



No need to find out latitude & longitude for your thousands of locations. This plugin will do this automatically for you.

Import Locations


Our GEOCODING system will automatically fetch latitude & longitudes for your locations.

Smart Geo Coding

Show Your Posts Content on a Google Maps

This plugin shows how your posts, pages or custom post types content easily on a google maps.

Posts Content on Google Maps

Customize Info Window Contents using Placeholders

You can customize your location infowindow easily by using placeholders.

Customize infowindow using Placeholders

Add Extra Field to the Location

You can add unlimite fields to the location and display them in the infowindow or listing.

Add Extra Fields to Location

Integrated with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

Show Posts and custom fields added by Advanced Custom Fields Plugin on the google maps easily.

ACF Supported

Apply Marker Clusters on Google Maps Easily

Too many locations? You can apply marker clusters on a single click.

Marker Clusters


Highlight areas on Google Maps with your own colors, opacity and stroke width in the form of circles, rectangles, polygons or polylines.

Shapes on Google Maps


This plugin allows you to customize Google maps types easily. You can change Maps Types, Zoom Level, Center Location and other maps property according to your requirement.

Google Maps Customization

Apply Beautiful Snazzymaps Styles On Google Maps

Snazzymaps is a library of awesome google maps skin. Admin can easily apply beautiful skin on your google maps using backend setting.

Snazzy Maps on Google Maps

Apply Map Settings According to Screen Size

Most Powerful feature to set different map settings for different screen devices like smartphone, tablets and large screens.

Specific screen Setting

Specific screen Setting

Allow Visitor to Filter Locations by Categories

It’s super easy to filter the locations by categories.

Filter Locations by Categories

Allow Visitor to Find Directions Easily

You can find directions easily by inserting start and end points. You will see the directions with proper distance value.

Find Directions

Allow Visitor to Search nearby Amenities

You can select amenties from backend and display it on Frontend. Very useful feature to get the nearby amenities from your visitor’s current locations like bank, ATM, Cafe, Hotels etc.

Nearby Ameneties

Show Multiple Routes on a Map Easily

You can display multiple routes on a google maps very easily by using this plugin.

Routes on Google Maps

Display KML/KMZ, Fusion, Traffic/Transit Layers

Display KML/KMZ, Fusion Table layers and Traffic/Transit Layers Easily.

Layers on Google Maps

Display Custom HTML over Google Maps

Display Custom HTML over the google maps e.g Images, Videos, Custom Links very easily.

Custom HTML over Google Maps

Filter Listing by Categories

You can filter your locations by using category filter.

Filter Listing by Categories

Find Locations within certain radius easily

Radius Filter

Sort Listing in Ascending or Descending Order

Sort Listing

Display Street View on Google Maps

Street View on Google Maps

Track Visitor’s Current Location Easily

Show your map according to the visitor location. Map will be centered according to visitor’s current location.

Track Visitor Location

Show Google Maps to a Sidebar using Widget

Show your map according to the visitor location. Map will be centered according to visitor’s current location.

Google Maps in widget

Display Multiple Maps on a Single Page

You can display multiple maps on a single page by inserting their respective shortcode.

Multiple Maps on a Single Page

Apply Beautiful skins on your Marker Infowindow

Readymade infowindow designs are available to apply quikly.

Beautiful skins on Marker Infowindow

Create Your Own Custom Filters Easily

Create Your Own Custom Filters from Location Fields, Custom Fields, Extra Fields and Taxonomies Easily.

Custom Filters