This plugin allows creating unlimited filters using custom fields, taxonomies or location fields. You can adjust listing content with the help of placeholders and apply interactive settings on the map.


These are several ways how this product improves the user experience of your customers and site visitors: 

  • The process of search becomes faster.
  • With multiple filters, users can easily switch between results changing the parameters.
  • Location fields allow finding the objects in certain cities, states, countries or worldwide.
  • Visitors of the site can select only those categories that they need. It’s useful if your company specializes in industries with different types of establishments. 

How it works

1) First, you need to create multiple filters. To do it, just insert placeholders like {country}, {state}, {city} – location fields – and the filter text according to your categories.

2) After this, there will appear boxes with pull-down listings below the map on the frontend of the site. They will contain categories for filtering. Choose the ones that you need, and the map will be centered on those locations.

How to use

Multiple filters help to find places of a certain category in the city or country of your interest. This is how you can do it:

3) Select a country you would like to explore in the appropriate box below the map.

4) If there are more location fields, click on the state and city on the appropriate lists. In case you want to see the objects in the whole country, omit this step.

5) Decide what kind of amenity or establishment you need and choose it from the list.

6) Enjoy the selection of places on the map. Click on the marker to see the information about this location (if it is provided) or scroll down to find the list of objects in chosen categories.

This is an example of how you can use multiple filters. Let’s imagine, we want to find universities in the US. To do this, we select ‘United States’ in the field marked as ‘Select Country’. Then we click on the ‘Universities’ in the list of categories (a field with the text ‘Select Category). Here we are!

There is only one American university in this database. It’s Auburn University in Alabama state with 22 thousand students and 1,2 thousand staff. How did we get to know that? Just clicked the icon on the map. If we scroll down, there will be a list of objects and their short descriptions. Try to do it yourself using our live demo below!