By using the WP Google Map Pro plugin you can change zoom level of a map on a marker click. The scale changes when a user clicks on the pin. If infowindows are enabled in settings, they will also appear on the screen.

Why add

Guessing the following steps or wishes of site visitors always helps to improve their user experience. This feature is aimed to do it. When people study a map with locations they are going to visit, it’s obvious that they would like to have a more detailed view of these places to plan a route, see objects nearby and just study the terrain. In the process of zooming users often need to correct the direction and drag a map to look at the intended area. It may take extra time and irritate people. That’s why our plugin has an option to change zoom level on a marker click on a Google Map automatically. This is how it will help:

  • Site visitors will be able to take a closer look at objects just with one click.
  • The feature will save the time of users they spend on scrolling and zooming a map.
  • People will quickly get information about locations that are scattered over the map and far from each other.

Automatic zooming is useful to companies that work in the travel industry. Planning routes, studying and comparing amenities, searching for places of interest is all about this sector. Travel agencies can use the described feature, for example, to help clients explore hotels or resorts. A Google Map will change zoom level on a marker click instantly showing the location of a certain establishment.

How to install

  1. It’s pretty simple. In infowindow settings you just select a zoom level from the list. And that’s all!
  2. Of course, you’ll also need to save changes to see the result. Take a look at the full tutorial following the link. You’ll also find video instruction there.

Now let’s check how our plugin can change zoom level on a marker click with the help of a Google Map below. We’ve applied the settings described above to it. This is what we see now.

Let’s imagine we are interested in the location in Liverpool. After clicking on the marker the map zooms in and we can distinguish even roads and districts. It’s because of a zoom level that was selected in settings. This object turned out to be the World Museum. Infowindow with a picture and basic details also appeared on the screen. 

Try to change zoom level on a marker click yourself using the Google Map below: