You can display directions between two locations on Google Maps using the tab. Just Insert your starting and end point and find the route. It will be displayed on the frontend of the site.

Features and benefits

With the help of this plugin users will be able to:

  • Plan their trips and get to the place of destination quickly.
  • Go to unfamiliar territories and save time avoiding getting lost.
  • Find their location and start moving from there.
  • Get detailed instructions and have them displayed straight on the map.
  • Create routes for different types of transport or walking.
  • Calculate time and expenses on fuel.

How it works

You need to take a few simple steps to get directions in Google Maps. Here they are:

  1. Enter a start location in the table. You can either type it in manually or click on a marker on the map. There is also an option of finding your current location and starting the journey from there.
  2. Enter an end location. It has to be typed in. But when you begin inserting the name of the object, there will appear hints. Using them you will search faster.
  3. In the field below select the way of getting there: driving, bicycling, walking or transit. 
  4. Click the button ‘Find Direction’ and enjoy the result. The route will appear on the Google Map.
  5. Scroll down to see the description of the way and detailed instructions. The plugin will provide a step-by-step guide mentioning the points where you’ll have to turn and in what direction, types of road junctions, what exit to take and object to pass, as well as how many kilometers are left to the next point. You’ll also find how much time the trip will take and distance between the locations.

To give you a complete understanding of how it works, we’ll explain it with an example. If we need to get from New Delhi to the Taj Mahal in Agra, we type in their names in the fields ‘Start Location’ and ‘End Location’ respectively. The hints help to enter the correct and full location data.

In Conclusion

Since it’s a long way, we’ll go by car. That’s why we choose ‘Driving’ and click the button ‘Find Direction’. The route appears on the Google Map. It becomes more zoomed in to provide a more detailed view. 

If we scroll down the table, we’ll see that this journey will take us 3 hours and 12 minutes by car. The plugin also shows that the distance between New Delhi and the Taj Mahal is 223 km. Below is a list of directions to get to the place of destination. For example, the first thing we need to do is to head east on Rajpath toward Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Marg and go like this for 0.9 km. Then we have to turn left at the 2nd cross street onto Janpath Rd. 

If we click on any of these instructions, they will appear on the Google Map in the proper place. 

Try to create your own route with the map below: