Plugin Features

Our WordPress map plugin offers a range of features, from basic to advanced, that are highly flexible and customizable. With an intuitive backend, website admins can easily adjust both UI and functionality to fit their needs.

Display Locations Easily

Showcase your custom post types and newly added locations on an interactive map with just a few clicks!

Display Listing & Filters

Admin can display beautiful listing along with filters below map.

Multiple Listing Designs

Multiple map listing designs for dynamic and attractive information display with our WordPress map plugin.

Multiple Infowindow Designs

Choose from stunning info-window designs for dynamic information display on Google Maps.

Create Marker Categories

Admin can easily create marker categories with different icons. Visitors can filter locations by this category.

Routes & Directions

Admin can easily display multiple routes on the map. Visitors can see directions between locations.

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Show Multiple Locations on Maps

Admin can easily create locations in the back-end with the help of google auto-suggest and can assign these locations to the map. Marker icons will be displayed at those assigned locations on the map.

If the data you want to display on google map is already stored in form of custom post type on your site, our plugin can easily display that data also on the map. Display any business listing like Real Estate, Hotels, Universities or any thing in seconds.

Filter Locations By Category

Site admins can easily create marker categories from the back-end. Each marker category can have its unique marker icon. Marker icon for any location is decided by the marker category assigned to it.

Site visitors can easily filter the map records / listing based on these marker categories. Marker categories can be displayed beautifully in a custom tab on the map.

Show/Hide Listing & Filters

Just below the map, listing is displayed along with the ready to use & custom filters. Our plugin allows site admins to create custom filters according to their business domain. With this, site visitors can easily filters the records based on these custom filters.

Each entry in the listing to a marker displayed on a map. Customize the UI or choose the design you like for it. Each entry in the listing corresponds / is associated to a marker displayed on map.

Dynamic Placeholders

Website admins can use a number of placeholders in the backend to display dynamic information within the listing. Make it beautiful with just one checkbox clicked.

Create Custom Filters

There are a lot of listing design templates in the backend. You can select the one that would suit your website the most. It’s possible to see an instant preview of the chosen listing design in the backend to know how it will look in the frontend.

Multiple Listing Design Templates

Admin can choose a listing design according to his / her choice. Site admin can also see an instant preview of choosed listing design in backend to know how it will look on frontend.

Responsive By Design

Any listing template that a site admin chooses has an adaptable design and will look good on all devices.

Setup Listing Content Easily

Using dynamic placeholders, site admin can display all the information of location / custom post type data very easily in the listing including title, description, featured image and custom field values.

Multiple Infowindow Design

There are multiple info-window design templates available in back-end. Website admin can choose any design of his / her choice. Infowindow UI is also customisable.

Show Multiple Routes & Directions

Site admin can easily create routes between locations and can display them on map. The UI aspect of drawn route can be easily customised from backend.

Admin just needs to specify the start location, way points & the end location, the route will be drawn automatically on the map.

Show Directions with Instructions

With our plugin, site visitors can easily find directions with full details between the two locations provided. Visitors just need to provided start location & the end location that's it.

They will see detailed direction results. A route will also be created instantly between the provided locations for better understanding.

Search Near by Amenities

Allow users to find out near by amenities around a particular location with respect to given radius of distance.

Draw Interactive Shapes

Website admin can easily draw shapes on the map in the back-end and can display it on front-end. Drawn shapes can open an info-window just like markers.

Use Marker Cluster for Multiple Locations

Display groups of markers as clusters on Google Maps at certain zoom levels. If you have lots of locations on a map, it’s better to use this feature to organize locations in form of cluster and to display them visually better on map with help of cluster image. them and demonstrate better visually.

Ad Multiple Maps on WordPress Pages

Site administrators can display different & multiple maps easily on one page. All the maps created with our plugin are 100% responsive.

Import & Export All Locations Easily

Site admin can easily import location from a csv file in backend with our 2 step import wizard. Locations from your website can also be easily exported in a csv file.

Auto Geo-Locate Places

Our plugin can automatically Geo-locate the locations if you do not provide and latitude and longitude in the CSV file during the import process.

Once you're done with the import process, a pop-up will appear that will start the automatic geo-locate process for the locations. This will automatically find out the latitude & longitude of all locations. This will save your lots of time.

Add a Customize Map

You can change Maps Types, Zoom Level, Center Location and other map attributes according to your requirements from backend easily.

Explore Useful 18+ Add-Ons

More than 18 addons that works hand in hand with our Advance WP Maps Pro plugin to achieve even more functionalities.

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Client Testimonials

“The Maps Pro plugin is the most complete and easiest to use when you need to include the google maps in your websites. I’ve used the plugin for a long time and I’m very happy with it. Not only its quality is the best, but its support (specially, for non-programmers like me) is wonderful. Thank you Flippercode for an excellent product with great support.”


“This plugin is helpful in so many ways I bought this for one of my client. I can literally can use it for many other purpose though. The documentation and usage of the plugin is so clean that you will never get lost. Moreover the support team is so quick with response and resolving issue they even helped me to add a feature in the plugin within 30 mins. I am looking for further features and updates.
Thank you very much flippercode. :D”


“This plugin is BY FAR the best map plugin you can buy anywhere on the internet today. You have so many ways in which you can customise the layouts and features, and the HUGE thing about that is, you really don’t need to know any coding – it literally works right out of the box.

So well written, and organised from an Admin point of view, and the logic is simple but powerful.

5 Stars for ALL reasons to buy this script! Highly Recommended.”


“I installed MapsPro and faced some issues with CSS and being a no coder asked for help to Help Desk. I have never seen such a fast and professional Technical Support. They are the best. Regarding MapsPro it is worth every penny you pay for it. Recommended at100%.”


“Very comprehensive plugin with numerous features. Unlike other similar plugins only this one did the job. High level of customization and if something still fails, the support team is always fast and very helpful to solve your problem or question. Endless possibilities! Highly recommended!”


“Awesome, easy and fast support.
Easy to use but powerful Plug-In. Best feature: Geo Coding for adress only Locations.
Covers all what we want and more.”


Still Do Not Get What Exactly You Want ? Lets Customize!

We do lots of customizations for our clients around the globe. If this plugin lacks some functionality or needs modification, feel free to reach us. We can customize our plugin to meet your exact business requirements. We take our client requests very seriously.