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Topic: Export/Import

WP MAPS PRO Version 4.0.0 included an awesome functionality to Export/Import Maps from one site to another site. With the help of this feature, you can easily set up or create a map from one site to another site in a few seconds. In this tutorial, we’ll help you how to migrate map settings from one site to another site.

Export/Import map from one site to another

Step 1 Go to Manage Map > Edit Page of WP MAPS PRO. (For example, the site is http://www.flippercode.com/)

Step 2 Scroll down the page at the end to the Import Settings section.

Step 3 Copy JSON code from the Export code box to migrate map settings from one site to another site.

How to export/import the map from one site to another site

Step 4 Then go to the new other site and navigate to the dashboard where you want to import the map. (For example, another site is https://wpgmp.flippercode.com)

Step 5 Go to WP MAPS PRO > Add Map Page.

Step 6 Paste the JSON code Import code box under the Import Settings section to overwrite map settings.

Export/Import map from one site to another Wpmapspro

Step 7 At the end click Save Map.

Now you’ll see you get the map with all settings according to the previous site.

With the WP MAPS PRO plugin, you can easily download a CSV file sample. This file gives you an example of how to format the data you will be entering to create your interactive map. A sample CSV file is the perfect option for you! By downloading this file, you will be able to access, edit and add your desired locations easily. This makes it easier to use the locations on a map in just a few clicks.


Step 1 Go to Import Location Page.

Step 2 Click on the Download Sample file button below the page.

Do you need to keep a backup of your locations or transfer them from one server to another? With the WP MAPS PRO plugin, exporting is easy! You can quickly and easily export your locations as a CSV file. This makes it fast and simple to save and store your data securely. With our simple export feature, you can easily export your selected locations and save them to a CSV file. That way, you can have quick access anytime you need it!

Step 1 To Export locations, Go to the Manage Locations Page.

Step 2 Choose Export as CSV in the Bulk Actions dropdown and click on Apply.

How to Export your locations in csv file Wpmapspro

Then you’ll see all locations in the CSV file.

How to Export your locations in csv file

If you have a huge collection of location information to display on maps and it’s time-consuming to enter them one by one. Our import tool enables you to import locations in bulk, and you can then assign those locations to any number of maps.

CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. CSV stands for comma-separated-values.

Import CSV File

Step 1 Go to the Import Locations page from WP MAPS PRO Plugin.

Step 2 Then click on the Choose a File button and valid the CSV file.

Step 3 Then click on the Continue button.

Step 4 You will see the Column Mapping section. Here you will see all your CSV file Fields where you have to select fields according to the CSV Field like a screenshot below.

Note: Leave the ID field empty if you’re adding new records. The ID field is used to update existing locations.


Step 5 Now click on Manage Locations. Here you will see all your added / update CSV file locations.

In this tutorial, we will see how to export the live demo from the wpmapspro.com and import it to your website.

It’s easy to clone the wpmapspro.com map’s demo. Just download the live demo file and import it.

Export Live Demo

Step 1: Click on any demo/example URL from the Live Demos menu.

You can click here to check all the examples – (https://www.wpmapspro.com/examples/)

Step 2: Then please navigate to any Example via clickng on the Check it Out button.

Step 3: Then please navigate to the bottom of the example and click on the Export Live Demo button.

Once you click on this button (Export Live Demo) a wpgmp-map-data text file will be downloaded.

Step 4: Navigate to Import Maps.

Step 5: Please upload the map code file that you have downloaded from the wpmapspro.com website’s live demo page.

Step 6: Click on Import Map button.

Step 7: Map was successfully imported on your website. Please navigate to the Manage Maps screen and copy the Map Shortcode and paste it on your page.

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