Advanced search allows you to search for markers on a Google Map. The plugin updates their listing according to the request. Users can find locations by name, address or latitude and longitude. It makes search on markers listing multifunctional.


If there are plenty of objects on a map, it’s hard to find the necessary one. Tags, categories and keywords have become a usual option for the search process. They make sorting and filtering results easier, faster and more customized. This is what becomes possible with the advanced search on markers listing:

  • Clients will be able to type in the name of the location they want to find and see it on a Google Map.
  • If visitors don’t know or don’t remember the full name of an object, they can enter only a part of it and the plugin will show all possible options. 
  • Users can check what location it is writing its address in the search field.
  • Customers can not only find the establishment they want but also read details about it in an infowindow or listing.
  • If you type in a general name like ‘museum’ or ‘university’, you’ll see all objects in this category using the search on markers listing.
  • Entering a country or city name customers will get a selection of amenities located there.

How to use

Let’s try to test this feature in a couple of ways.

  1. For example, we want to see what museums there are in the database of this site. We just enter the word ‘museum’ in the search field and get the results around the world. They appear both on the Google Map and in the list below it.
  2. If we want to see available locations in the US, we just type ‘USA’ in the search box and enjoy the selection. To see titles of objects we click them on the map. Search on markers listing helps to find out locations of the amenities.
  3. When we are looking for a particular place on a map, it will be enough to enter its name to see its location. E.g., to find where Houston Museum is situated we make a request and get the following:
  4. If we have an address or a postal code of some object and need to find it on a Google Map, we just enter it and see it displayed:

You can continue exploring this feature with the help of our example map below: