Multiple filters for listing solution lets you quickly display locations in a paged, sortable and searchable way. You can customize content using different criteria like category, city, and state applying interactive settings on a Google Map. As a result, you get a filter by category displayed on the frontend of the site.


Though they are clear, we would like to outline some:

  • Multiple filters for listing accelerate the process of search and help to customize the selection of results.
  • Users will be able to find amenities in certain locations.
  • Customers can quickly search for establishments in categories they need.
  • Listings provide descriptions of objects, so, people won’t visit other websites to look for this information.
  • All places in listings are linked to their locations on a Google Map.

This feature is especially useful for travel agencies. They can assign tourist attractions and other amenities categories and their clients will spend just a few seconds to find what they need. Multiple filters for listing also allow selecting certain locations. Thus tourists will be able to see all objects in a city or country and choose the ones they are interested in regardless of category.

How it works

  1. First, you need to enable this option in settings and create filters. You can do it on the backend side.
  2. In the section for custom filters enter placeholders for country, city, state or another criterion and add text that will be displayed on the frontend side. That’s all! For more detailed instruction visit this page

There are a few ways to use multiple filters for listing. Let’s imagine we want to find interesting museums in the US. To do it we center a Google Map on the area of this country and select ‘Museums’ category. As a result, we get location markers and a listing with descriptions. 

This feature also helps before going on a trip to some state or country when people want to see what places they can visit. Let’s choose California as an example. We select it in the field ‘Select state’ and get a list of objects that are situated there. To find out their exact location we just click on their titles. Infowindows also appear after clicking on markers on a Google Map.

Multiple filters for listing are also useful when we need to find a certain kind of amenities in the exact place. For example, universities in Washington. We select this category and state in the appropriate fields and get a list of results that match these parameters.

Now you can try the feature yourself using the map below: