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Custom Map Colors for Google Maps



Unleash the power of customization with the transformative “Custom Map Colors for Google Maps” extension. Crafted as a premium add-on for WP Maps Pro, this extension empowers site administrators to infuse their Google Maps with a personalized touch. With the ability to apply custom colors seamlessly, you’re empowered to enhance user interface (UI) consistency while seamlessly integrating Google Maps into your website’s theme.

Key Highlights:

  1. Custom Color Brilliance: Elevate your Google Maps presentation by infusing it with the color of your choice. This extension offers the freedom to apply custom colors that seamlessly integrate with your website’s theme.
  2. Premium UI Consistency: By aligning Google Maps with your WordPress theme’s basic color scheme, the WP Maps Skin Color extension ensures a premium level of UI consistency across your website.
  3. Seamless Integration: Transform your Google Maps into a harmonious extension of your active theme. With custom colors that blend seamlessly, you create an immersive and engaging map experience.
  4. Ease of Admin Control: Site administrators can effortlessly choose colors from color swatches or utilize a color picker to create their custom hue. Live previews in the backend provide real-time insights into color changes.

Why Opt for the Custom Map Colors for Google Maps Extension?

This extension transcends the ordinary by allowing you to tailor your Google Maps to match your website’s aesthetic seamlessly. By choosing custom colors, you create an experience that resonates with your users while enhancing UI consistency.

Witness the harmony of design and interaction. Experience how the “Custom Map Colors for Google Maps” extension seamlessly integrates with WP Maps Pro to provide a personalized and engaging Google Maps experience that complements your website’s theme.

Step into a world of custom elegance. Elevate your Google Maps presentation with the “Custom Map Colors for Google Maps” extension – where colors and maps converge harmoniously.

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