Paginated markers grid format improves UI and UX factors. You can display objects listing organized into pages below a Google Map. Make search experience of your customers better with the help of this feature.


In the age when everything tends to be as convenient as possible, companies should also care about what their customers feel when visiting their websites. It’s essential because people choose sellers, not vice versa, and they prefer those who think of their comfort. This is one of the key factors that develop customer loyalty

Paginated markers grid is an efficient way to improve user experience. It helps to display information about locations on a Google Map in a human-friendly form. Thanks to a table view visitors can see about 6 blocks at once. It’s a rational use of page space. Below are some more benefits provided with this feature:

  • Pages look well-structured and organized.
  • Paginated markers grid improves results navigation.
  • The list doesn’t look endless and the page is not too long.
  • It’s much easier and faster to find an object switching pages than scrolling them.
  • Markers of all places are displayed on a Google Map. Click them to see titles and pictures. 
  • Find out the location of the amenity you’re interested in just by clicking on its title in a list. 
  • Paginated markers grid contains short descriptions for every object.

Using Google Maps on a website may turn either into excitement, total use and wow-effect or into disappointment and getting nervous. Too slow loading, improper functioning and not arranged or not sorted results usually irritate people the most. Solving the first two problems may take some time and resources, while it’s not so hard to eliminate the last one. Our plugin will help to do it in a couple of clicks.

How to add

  1. To have this option on your website, you’ll need to activate it in settings.
  2. With WP Maps Pro it means just to tick the box with the feature of displaying listings and type in a number of locations that one page should contain.
  3. After saving changes a paginated markers grid will appear below a Google Map.

For more information on how to do it follow the link

Below is an example map with the described feature. Click on markers to display titles of objects. Switch between pages to see more results. After clicking on names their location points will appear on the map.