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Location Bookmarking for Google Maps

Empower Users to Save Their Preferred Destinations with WP MAPS Bookmarks


Location Bookmarking for Google Maps


Discover a groundbreaking feature that adds a new layer of interactivity and personalization to your WP Maps Pro plugin – the “Location Bookmarking for Google Maps” extension. This innovative extension empowers your website visitors to effortlessly bookmark their cherished places or records directly within the listings displayed using the WP Maps Pro plugin. By incorporating a heart icon, this extension creates a seamless and engaging way for users to mark their favorites.

Key Benefits:

  1. User-Friendly Bookmarking: Streamline the process of marking favorite places or records within your listings. With a straightforward heart icon, visitors can conveniently bookmark their preferred locations.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The heart icon is strategically placed within the listings and info-windows, making it easy for users to identify and select their favored entries with a simple click.
  3. Seamless User Interaction: By clicking the heart icon, visitors quickly bookmark their chosen places. This frictionless interaction enriches their engagement with your maps and listings.
  4. Personalized User Accounts: If visitors are logged in to your website, their bookmarked selections are securely stored in the database. This ensures a seamless and personalized experience upon their return.
  5. Persistent Accessibility: Users can conveniently access their bookmarked places whenever they revisit your Google Maps page. This creates a lasting connection to their preferred locations.
  6. Intuitive Distinction: Distinguish between bookmarked and non-bookmarked places using distinct heart icons. This clear differentiation enhances user experience and adds a visual layer of organization.

Why Choose the Location Bookmarking for Google Maps Extension?

This extension revolutionizes user engagement with your maps and listings. By offering a simple yet effective bookmarking solution, you empower your audience to personalize their journey on your website. Whether planning trips, exploring local venues or creating their curated lists, this extension adds depth to their interaction with your content.

Witness the transformation of user engagement on your WP Maps Pro plugin with the “Location Bookmarking for Google Maps” extension. Elevate your website’s value, interaction, and personalization – all with the click of a heart icon.