Filter Map Listing By ViewPort

Filters Maps Listing Records Based On Visible Markers On Current ViewPort Of Map.

Filter Map Listing By ViewPort


Current Version : 1.0.1

With this Filter Map Listing By ViewPort extension, your site visitors can more quickly find the places / listing records just by zooming in more and more towards the supposed direction.

As soon as users press zoom in /zoom out button on the map or if they drag the map, the listing below map is updated. It only displays the records that are associated with the markers that are visible on the current view-port of map.

Those markers which are not visible after zoom in / drag map process, they will be automatically hidden from the listing. As soon as they became visible on google map by zoom out process, they will again appear in the listing.

Summary : Only displays those listing records whose markers are visible on google maps after zoom in / drag process, hides the rest listing record whose markers are also out of current view port.