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Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps



Step into a realm of dynamic map interactions with the groundbreaking “Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps” extension. Crafted to integrate seamlessly with your map presentations, this extension empowers your site visitors to navigate through listing records with unparalleled ease. By zooming in or out on the map, users automatically filter and display relevant places or records in the listing below, offering a fluid and intuitive map exploration experience.

Key Highlights:

  1. Effortless Filtering through Zoom: Elevate user engagement by allowing visitors to effortlessly find places or listing records by simply zooming in or out on the map. This extension adds a layer of interactivity that significantly enhances navigation.
  2. Dynamic Listing Updates: As users press zoom in or zoom out, or if they drag the map, the listing below the map undergoes automatic updates. It now showcases only the records associated with markers that fall within the current viewport.
  3. Seamless Marker Visibility Control: This extension intelligently manages marker visibility and listing records. If markers are within the current view port, their associated records appear in the listing. Conversely, records linked to markers outside the view-port are hidden.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: Visitors can now focus their map exploration towards the direction they’re interested in. The listing only displays relevant records, aligning with the visible markers on the map.

Why Opt for the Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps?

This extension takes your map navigation to the next level by allowing users to explore listing records in tandem with their map interactions. By dynamically updating the listing based on marker visibility, you create a holistic and efficient exploration experience.

Experience the seamless integration of maps and navigation. Witness how the “Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps” extension seamlessly augments your map presentations, offering visitors an intuitive and refined journey of exploration.

Step into a realm of interactive efficiency. Elevate your Google Maps engagement with the “Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps” extension – where map interactions and listing records unite seamlessly.

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