Frontend Submissions

Collect information from site users through form & then display it beautifully on google maps

Frontend Submissions


Current Version : 1.0.2

With this Front-end Submissions extension, you can collect information from front-end( users / visitors ) with help of a form and then display these entries easily on our WP Maps Pro plugin. Form is displayed with help of a short-code that we provide. There are some mandatory fields and optional fields.

Extra fields created with our WP Maps Pro plugin can also be displayed on the front-end and visitors will be able to filter the markers and listing based on the values of these extra fields.

All the information displayed in the below example is collected with our this extension plugin and we displayed it on our WP Maps Pro plugin. Like us. you can create form and extra fields according to your business requirements and later you can display it on map beautifully as we do in the below example.