You can display posts on Google Maps using your own custom fields, select categories, tags for them and set how many locations to show. It’s useful for those who write articles related to different places and need to sort them.

Benefits and features

 Our plugin allows improving maps of websites in the following way:

  • Titles of articles are displayed straight on the map.
  • Posts are linked to certain locations.
  • Articles are assigned categories for faster and easier search.
  • You can add as many custom fields for filtering as you wish.
  • Posts are arranged into a sortable list below the map.

These features are helpful for companies that work with many locations. For example, travel agencies. They can create their own guide for every city adding posts about places of interest, reviews, recommendations and feedback from other clients. With the help of custom fields, site visitors will be able to filter articles and get a selection that will match their request. Another example is a news portal. Journalists can publish posts about events in the world linking them to countries or establishments where they occurred. Readers will be able to choose a country and topic and see a list of news.

How to use

  1. To link articles to a certain place and make them sortable you need to activate this option on the admin panel.
  2. When you create or edit an existing post, assign a category and tags for it. They will be the parameters for filtering and users will select them in custom fields.
  3. To display titles on the map, you need to type in address, coordinates and choose a marker category in settings.
  4. Another thing to do is to create custom filters. A tutorial on how to do it with screenshots and examples is available here. Consider option C.

Now let’s take a look at the example. We needed to make articles on different topics and in different areas sortable. That’s why we created the following custom fields: ‘Category’, ‘Tag’, ‘Sort by’ and ‘Show locations’. All the posts are below the map.

If we want to find information about power that is related to stadiums, we select ‘Stadiums’ category and ‘Power’ tag. To sort the results let’s choose ‘A-Z Title’ and 25 items per page. After we have entered these parameters, the plugin leaves only markers with titles that match the criteria.

We can also change the type of listing. It will happen after clicking the grid icon in the right corner below the table:

To display posts on the map we just click on the markers or titles below the map:

Study the benefits yourself with the help of our example map: