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Search Widget for Google Maps



Unlock a new dimension of interactivity with the innovative “Search Widget for Google Maps” extension. Designed to seamlessly integrate with WP Maps Pro, this extension empowers site owners to provide visitors with a beautiful and responsive search form on the front end. Elevate user experience by allowing them to filter and explore Google Maps records based on specific search keywords.

Key Highlights:

  1. Responsive Search Form: Delight visitors with a visually appealing and responsive search form on the front end. This form acts as a powerful tool for refining searches on Google Maps.
  2. Focused Filtering: Empower users to view only the records that match their search criteria. The advanced search form narrows down results to provide a tailored map experience.
  3. Integrated with Google Maps: The extension seamlessly integrates with Google Maps generated by our WP MAPS PRO plugin. Visitors can explore filtered records directly on the map page.
  4. Tailored User Journey: When users enter a search keyword and hit the search button, the extension dynamically redirects them to the map page. Here, they’ll find Google Maps displaying only the filtered records based on their search.
  5. Effortless Back-End Management: Manage all aspects of the search form’s appearance and functionality from the back-end. Customize the form’s behavior to suit your specific needs.

Why Opt for the Search Widget for Google Maps Extension?

This extension adds a new layer of interactivity to your Google Maps experience. By providing visitors with a responsive search form, you enhance their ability to explore and engage with your map data in a personalized and efficient manner.

Experience the synergy between search and map visualization. Witness how the “Search Widget for Google Maps” extension seamlessly integrates with WP Maps Pro to provide users with a streamlined and tailored map exploration journey.

Step into the realm of refined exploration. Elevate your Google Maps engagement with the “Search Widget for Google Maps” extension – where search and maps unite for a dynamic and personalized adventure.

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