You can adjust the map to load according to the visitors’ location. It will be centered on the country and city where the user will be at that moment. After zooming in there will appear streets, buildings and other objects. 

How it can help

The modern world is characterized by a surplus of offers. The advertisements and calls to buy something are everywhere turning just into a noise. It’s harder and harder to attract attention and win trust. Only those who keep up with the times and new technologies have a chance to stay competitive. Finding visitors’ location is not the latest update of Google Maps – it has been existing for a while. But still, not so many companies have it on their websites. Here are some reasons why, in our opinion, this feature will help your business:

  • The plugin will automatically define where users are – they will only have to allow using their geodata.
  • People won’t get lost in the unfamiliar territory since they will always know their location.
  • Customers will see how close they are to one of your stores/hotels/cafes/etc.
  • Clients will be able to compare distances to different objects and chose the closest one or the one that is the most convenient to be visited according to their route.
  • Combined with the feature of getting directions, finding visitors’ locations will help to create routes straight from the place where they will be.
  • Users won’t have to use extra applications to locate themselves and will stay on your website for a longer time. It will also keep them from visiting competitors.
  • This feature helps to increase the loyalty of customers to your business – they will come back to your platform again and again.
  • Such a function will make your company’s site stand out from others.
  • The word of mouth marketing – people tend to recommend others the things that they think are useful and convenient. It’s a way to attract new customers.

How it works

It’s pretty simple to add showing of visitors’ location to the map on your website.

  1. Find the section ‘Map’s Center’ on the Add or Edit Map page.
  2. Tick the box near the field ‘Center by Current Location’, save the changes and presto!
  3. The map is centered in the place where you are.

For a more detailed guide visit this page. You’ll also find a video tutorial there.

Try out how this feature works with the help of our example map: