You can sort locations by title, category name or address. The plugin shows them alphabetically, in both ascending and descending order. It gives listings an organized look and allows easier navigation.  


Arranging objects is always useful since it brings clarity. Alphabetical order is the most common way to organize data. That’s why we offer you to add the sort locations option to the website map. These are the benefits your visitors will get:

  • They can save time quickly scrolling the listing until they reach the first letter of the required title or address.
  • Applying sort by address option allows them to quickly find objects in a certain street and even see what is near them.
  • They can find the intended amenity even if they don’t remember the exact name but only the first letter. Our sort locations feature allows choosing the order (A-Z or Z-A) for a faster search.
  • Sorting by category allows finding establishments of a certain kind. Alphabetical order helps to navigate their listings faster.

This feature helps to organize a large number of objects. If you work, for example, with real estate, you’ll be able to display houses, apartments, villas, etc. by address, type or title. It will help to find buildings in a certain area or consider all variants of residential property in one category. Travel agencies can also use this option for hotels and tourist attractions or amenities in tour itineraries. Other kinds of companies may apply it to arrange information about their subsidiaries and departments.

How it works

  1. To add the ability to sort locations you’ll need to go to map settings.
  2. In the listings section enable the option of displaying them and a sorting filter by ticking the boxes nearby.
  3. The plugin automatically provides alphabetical ordering by title, category and address. You can find a more detailed guide here in the ‘Category sorting filter’ paragraph. Scroll down to watch a video tutorial.

You can test this feature using our example map below. Just select a parameter for sorting and enjoy the results. Categories of places are displayed in the top right corner of every block. If you click on titles, their markers will appear on a map. You’ll also see infowindows with short descriptions and addresses. Try out sort locations feature right now!