You can highlight the center location of the map using a circle. It is fully configurable in the backend. You can use this tool to add as many circles as you want. 


This feature helps to attract attention to some area. A circle around the center location doesn’t change its size when you zoom in or out. It specifies only a certain area on a map despite the scale. These are a few possible ways to use this option:

  • Show an area around some location without displaying the exact address.
  • You can put a marker on a map and outline the area around it for a faster search.
  • Highlight the area your company works on.
  • A circle around the center location also allows displaying a zone with special features.

The option of showing only areas that are centered around some locations without placing markers is useful for those who work with real estate. It’s reasonable that people don’t want to mention their addresses on public websites. Especially if there are pictures of rooms and furniture there. That’s why drawing only a circle around the center location will help to have an idea of the district and amenities nearby as well as to ensure security. It works not only for those who sell estate property but also rent it out. This feature will also be useful for platforms where people offer rooms, apartments or houses to tourists for a couple of days or weeks. 

Another case when placing a circle around the center location will help your business is showing a zone where you work. For example, at what distance from the restaurant of cafe delivery will be free. You can also mark a region on a country map where your offices are located. 

One more way is to highlight a city center, capital or another important area on a map. If you provide statistical data, drawing a circle may help to show a zone with the highest concentration of people, emissions, banks and offices, the spread of disease, etc.

How to add

  1. To display a circle around the center location you’ll need to visit the page for editing a map.
  2. Enter latitude and longitude values for a point where the figure will be centered.
  3. You’ll also be able to set fill and stroke colors, opacity, weight and radius. Save changes and enjoy the result. More detailed instruction is available here.

Below is given a map with the London Eye as a central location. Click on a marker to see it. You can zoom in and out to check whether the circle will change its size.