We have included 15 color schemes which give you a new user experience in tabs and listings. You can also create your own variant according to your inspiration, mood or preferring. Our plugin allows customizing your Google Maps colors and more.

Why color matters

We shouldn’t undervalue the importance and impact of colors because we perceive the better part of information visually. The palette of tints that companies use on their websites is a ground for the impression they make on visitors. It’s a non-verbal form of communication that often deals with our subconscious. Color schemes create associations with a certain feeling or emotions. If Google Maps is an important part of your business, customers will often work with it. Let’s find out the impact of every tint to select the one that will give the proper effect:

  • Red. It grabs attention and calls to action. Some experts say it evokes the feeling of hunger. Depending on the hue it can be associated with danger, warmth, passion, strength and power or energy. Use it to stand out or highlight important information.
  • Yellow. It’s the color of happiness, joy, friendliness and positive emotions. Yellow helps to think better and is the most visible shade from a long distance. It also reminds people of cautions and cheap products. 
  • Orange. We get it as a mix of red and yellow, that’s why this shade evokes enthusiasm, creativity and excitement. Oranges and abundance of vitamin C in them is often the first thing we think about when seeing this hue. Maybe that’s why it is related to health and fun in our minds. Use this color scheme to convey optimism and energy.
  • Green. Nature is the first thing that this tint reminds us of. That’s why it is associated with eco-friendly and organic products, peace, freshness, renewal and health. Another meaning is prosperity, stability and wealth. 
  • Blue. It’s the color of Google Maps. A lot of IT, medical and financial companies, as well as governments, use it to represent calmness, trust, dignity, success, safety, honesty. But this shade may also symbolize sadness and depression (remember the expression ‘feeling blue’?).
  • Purple. It is associated with high quality, nobility, wealth and creativity. In the years since kings and emperors, this tint belonged to royal families, that’s why it is used for luxury products.
  • Brown. It reminds us of the earth, that’s why companies that work in agriculture or deal with organic food and cosmetics often use it in their designs. It should be included in the color scheme of companies that want to claim they are simple, just, orderly, strong and durable.
  • Black. Use it if you want to convey seriosity, authority, sophistication, classical style, luxury. But be careful with it since for many people it is associated with death, mourning, funeral and depression.
  • Grey. It’s not bright and is usually used in combination with vibrant colors as a background. It stands for security, conservatism and dependability.

Think of the message that the design of your company’s website should convey and select the right color scheme for Google Maps. You’ll find a tutorial for changing it here

To persuade you in the impact of color we’ll give an example of how it may change the view. This a picture of what the map looked like:

And this is how it looks now: