You can display locations below a Google Map on your website. Paginated markers listing will give them a well-ordered look and improve user experience. WP Maps Pro plugin is a perfect tool to make maps advanced.


Comfort and convenience are in the list of the most common values today. It motivates businesses to think of their clients first: how to make them have only positive impressions after buying goods or receiving services, how to save their time, how to increase quality, and so on. Since more and more companies go online, websites become one of the main channels for communication with customers. Their loyalty depends on how large the range of options is and how fast and easy it is to use a resource.

Paginated markers listing is a good way to make information about locations organized and structured. This way of displaying allows an intuitive understanding of how to navigate blocks of data on amenities on a Google Map. Thanks to this, users will spend less time on searching the objects they need. One-by-one order helps to focus on a particular location in a list and not to distract attention. More reasons and advantages are given below:

  • Clear and stylish page view.
  • Better information navigation due to paginated markers listing
  • Limited length of pages for faster search of locations.
  • Division of objects into pages allow spending less time to find the intended one – just switch to a necessary page.
  • After clicking on markers titles and pictures of amenities will appear on a Google Map.
  • Names of places in a list are linked to their location on a map. Click them to find out where they are situated.
  • Paginated markers listing provides enough space for descriptions of objects.

How to install

This feature is added by making some settings on the backend side. If you use WP Maps Pro plugin, it will take just a couple of clicks to install it.

1) You’ll need to activate this option in listing settings ticking its box.

2) The next step is to specify the number of blocks that should be displayed on one page. More detailed instruction with a step-by-step guide, explanations and screenshots is available here.

The example of a paginated markers listing is given below. Use it to explore all the features and benefits of the solution. Here are some hints:

3) click markers on a Google Map to see names of locations;

4) click on titles in the list to display objects on a map;

5) for more results switch between pages.