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Top 10 plugin local shop

If you run a local shop and your company website by WordPress then don’t miss out on the following list of WordPress plugins. Having the right set of WordPress plugins can help you grow your online business.

When you need listings for Google Maps

If you work with many objects, it’s good to have them all on a map, but not enough. Customers need more than just address: description, contact details, links, pictures, etc. If we add them to infowindows, they will be too large and take a good deal of space worsening the navigation and UX. Another option […]

Why you need interactive navigation on Google Maps

One of the advantages of the Google Maps app is that you can work with the map in real time. It helps to find the current location, provides directions and shows what is nearby. This way users get that particular information which they need. But all these benefits are about the application. Quite often it’s […]

How to improve Google Maps UX on your website

Website optimization for the needs and habits of customers is no more a discovery. Developers and designers put a priority on the convenience for visitors because it’s the only way to make them come back again and again. It’s clear with site pages, but what about maps? Can they be more user-friendly? We have some […]

How to improve Google Maps design

To make a website look perfect is one of the most difficult tasks because it creates the image of a company in the minds of visitors. Once the concept is agreed, the design is developed and everyone is waiting for a stunning result, the standard look of a Google Map can spoil the picture. To […]

How filters for Google Maps improve user experience

Time becomes more and more valuable, that’s why people prefer solutions that help to spend it as efficiently as possible. When users search for something, they know what kind of information they need. That’s why the filtering option is crucial to the resources that contain a large amount of data. It’s especially true for companies […]

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