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How to get the maximum benefit from markers on a Google Map

It’s not enough just to embed a map in your website page. There should be at least one marker that shows a certain location – otherwise, what is its purpose then? But just pointing at some place is a very limited function. You can benefit much more from these small pins. Below we’ll describe how exactly.


These are blocks with text that appear when users click on markers on a Google Map. They contain the name of a selected object, its address, picture, short description, contact information and other custom details. For a better look and UX, you can divide this data into fields. With the help of infowindows people get all necessary information about locations without leaving the page with the map. It’s pretty convenient when clients only search for places to visit and compare them. Here is an example


It’s a similar feature to the previous one. The difference is that when visitors click on markers on a Google Map, they see the description of an article that is related to this location. A list of all posts is displayed below the map. If they are assigned categories, users can filter objects to select only among those that they need. Try all the benefits with the live demo map.

Change a zoom level

This is the option that causes automatic zooming in when people click on locations. Markers on a Google Map become points for focusing in such cases. The level of zooming is custom, so, you can set it on the admin panel. This feature helps to take a closer look at the objects that are interesting to site visitors and the area around them. See how it works here.

Change a center point

The idea is that a map is dragged automatically to the place where the selected location is situated. Its marker on a Google Map becomes a center point. Such an option allows focusing on the intended object. With its help people won’t have to scroll all the time trying to find the place that they want, it will be performed by default after clicking on the marker. Learn more following the link.


It’s everywhere now, static pictures are no more that attractive, so, why not add motion to your map? Just imagine moving markers on a Google Map: how unusual it would be, how it would attract attention, how would help to focus and so on. In our opinion, the main advantage of such a solution is that site visitors always see what location is selected, especially when there are a lot of markers close to each other. For a better understanding, take a look at the example.

With these options, markers on Google Maps will perform more functions than just pointing at locations. Save your time for more important things and leave upgrading to the WP Maps Pro plugin. It will help to adjust all these features to the needs of your company and customers. Install it and enjoy the numerous benefits it provides.

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