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Tricks for Google Maps on your website you didn’t know about

When we see a Google Map embedded in a website, there is usually one or a few markers on it, sometimes with infowindows. On some more upgraded pages, you can create routes or find your current location. But did you know that there exist more possibilities than we are used to seeing? Below are some tricks for Google Maps that will help to make them more customized and multifunctional.


They are useful when there is a need to link articles with locations. For instance, you want to publish descriptions of museums, parks or other places of interest and it would be good to mark them on a map. The solution is to create posts, the short version of which will be below the map and for more information the system will redirect users to a separate page. See what it looks like here.


This trick for Google Maps is similar to the previous one. Quite often we want to see all objects that are available on a certain area first, and only then to find where they are situated. For this purpose, there is an option to add a list of locations below the map. Every item includes a picture, a description, a tag with category, etc. These parameters are adjustable in settings. Look at the live demo to get the idea.

Shapes on a map

It allows drawing any kind of shape on the surface of a map and even adding messages to them. You can use this feature when you need to highlight a certain area or depict borders. Text descriptions will help to understand why some territories are outlined. Check this trick for Google Maps yourself following the link

Another option is to redirect users to the pages with more information. You just insert a link, and when visitors click on it, a new page will open in a browser. This is an example map where you can test how it works.

Extra layers

If your target audience is drivers, traffic and transit maps will make life easier for them. They show how busy the roads are, where they are blocked and color the main streets with different tints. Look at them here.

In many countries there is a lot of concern about ecology, that’s why more and more people are choosing to ride bicycles. Since bike lanes are not everywhere, it can be difficult to use this kind of transport. But you can help, activating a bicycle layer. Such a trick for Google Maps will allow this category of drivers to plan their trips. 

Disabled map drag and scroll wheel zoom

It’s an unusual feature since, as a rule, people try to enliven maps on their websites. But there are cases when blocking the movements is necessary. For instance, you need to keep a certain scale or focus on a particular area. Another example is when dragging and scrolling happens by accident and it irritates people. Read more and check a live demo map following the link.

Bounce animation

The idea of this trick for Google Maps is that markers start ‘jumping’ when you click on them. It is used to attract attention, help to focus on a certain object or to see which location is selected among all places that are present on a map. See this feature in action here

Think about how to add these options? The WP Map Pro plugin will help to do it in a couple of minutes. You’ll just need to make some settings on the admin panel and the map will become more convenient and customized. Follow the links in every paragraph to see how you can do it.

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