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Why you need interactive navigation on Google Maps

One of the advantages of the Google Maps app is that you can work with the map in real time. It helps to find the current location, provides directions and shows what is nearby. This way users get that particular information which they need. But all these benefits are about the application. Quite often it’s inconvenient to switch to it from the page with the location details of considered objects. That’s why we would recommend you adding interactive navigation on Google Maps straight on your website. It will help visitors not only find places they need but also get there. Another advantage is that people will be able to do it in one place, i.e. on one page. Let’s take a closer look at each option.


This feature helps to create a route from one location to another. For example, if people decided to visit your restaurant after reading about it on the website, directions will show them the way to the building. All that is needed is to enter a start and end point. It’s also possible to set the current location as a start point. Thanks to this, the chances that potential clients will change their intention to visit the restaurant are much smaller.

Another example of using navigation on Google Maps is travel itineraries. People can apply it both for incity and international trips. Apart from displaying the route, there are also detailed instructions that help on the way. They include notifying of turns, distance to the next point, names of the streets, the approximate time that the trip will take, etc. You can see an example here. All this adds convenience to traveling making thankful clients loyal and advising others to visit your website.

Current location

If you’re in unfamiliar territory, this kind of navigation on Google Maps is especially useful. It’s not so difficult to orient in cities since there are offices of companies, monuments, parks and street names that you can use as landmarks. But when the only objects along the road are trees and fields, knowing the current location is crucial to follow the right way. This feature is also applied to load a map according to the place where the user is now. Try it out using the live demo map.

Multiple routes

You can create routes and display them on a map. It’s a good solution when you work with specified itineraries that don’t change. For example, tours from city to city or excursions. In this case, such navigation on Google Maps is beneficial to people who prefer traveling themselves. They don’t need assistance in searching for accommodations but would be glad to get a route of an interesting journey. The option of choosing the most favored one among others will add points to the reputation of your website. The detailed instructions for every itinerary will bring even more points. See how it works here.

Nearby amenities

Planning to visit certain locations may often mean looking for objects near them. For example, the key purpose of a trip to Paris is a business meeting or to see the Eiffel Tower. But you will also want to go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and visit some interesting places. If the time is limited, you won’t be able to go too far. 

This is when the search for nearby amenities and navigation on Google Maps comes to aid. Entering an address or a name of the establishment, type of amenities and a radius, you’ll see all possible options. Adding this feature to the map on the website, you’ll help clients to save time and find everything they need in one place. This is an example of how it looks and works.

The ability to interact with the map and customize its information is what users value the most. The WP Map Pro plugin allows using all the described benefits. You won’t have to deal with the code – just install it, make some settings and enjoy the results. Learn more about it here.

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