You can display a Google Map at different zoom levels according to devices like smartphones, ipads and large screen gadgets. They are fully manageable from the backend. Wp Google Map has the functionality to use custom settings that will make your site look perfect on every device. You’ll be able to insert width, height and zoom level according to specific screen size.

What resolution to set

It’s one of the most common problems in the process of site development. Technologies are developing very quickly, and the variety of gadgets is growing every day. It’s impossible to customize resolution for all screen sizes. That’s why we would recommend focusing on your audience first. Study what devices they usually use when visiting your site or try to predict it. 

Another thing to consider is Google’s logic of ranking. It gives the first positions to the platforms with designs for different gadgets. The company explains it as the strategy of mobile-friendliness that should improve user experience and provide both relevant and human-readable information. That’s why optimized for mobile screen sizes sites get higher ranks.

It’s a reasonable strategy. Statcounter has calculated that since May 2019 mobile phones have been surpassing computers as tools for surfing the Internet. Here is the diagram:

According to its other research, the most popular screen size in 2019 was 360×640 (17.02% share) – a mobile version. It is followed by 1366×768 (9.71% share) and 1920×1080 (8.29% share) which are desktop resolutions. The general picture is the following:

This is the statistics of the most used desktop, mobile and tablet sizes of the screen:


The importance of a mobile version is obvious and Google Maps is not an exception. Users often deal with small details and want to see them clear and distinct. Let’s summarize what advantages screen size optimization gives to companies’ websites:

  • The loyalty of customers – they will prefer more user-friendly platforms.
  • Higher ranks in Google according to its mobile-friendly strategy.
  • Easier in-page navigation.

Our plugin also allows applying specific screen size settings. It’s beneficial if there is a need to use devices with uncommon resolution. You can enter any parameters for width and height as well as set the level of zooming for different gadgets. Find a detailed guide with screenshots on how to do it here. Follow that link to watch a video tutorial as well.

Check out how our example map below is displayed on different devices.