You can display infowindows with messages on shapes. They appear after clicking on them on a Google Map. You can create rectangles, circles, polygons, and polylines with the help of drawing tools.

Why use

This feature allows complete customizing of a map. Here is what you can do:

  • Highlight important areas on a Google Map.
  • Display messages on shapes to describe different areas.
  • Draw any kind of figures from standard to custom.
  • Select any color and set size, opacity, borders, etc.
  • Insert links instead of text on shapes. Users will be redirected after clicking on them.

The plugin helps to show particular areas on a Google Map and explain why they are highlighted. You can apply it to draw borders of states and countries with polylines and polygons. Selecting another color for them is useful when you need, for example, to display company presence. Just draw the frames of regions, paint them and add messages on shapes (number of subsidiaries, employees, turnover, etc.). It helps to visualize information. 

Travel agencies can use this option to describe countries, cities and even regions. It’s pretty convenient since a Google Map becomes interactive and clients can quickly find information about places they are interested in. One more way of application is showing radiuses. Displaying messages on shapes is also useful when you need to add statistical data for different locations, e.g. population, level of wastes, employment, consumption of certain goods or groups of products, etc. If there is too much information, you can insert links that will redirect visitors to pages with more details.

How to add

WP Maps Pro provides a simple tool for creating and editing shapes on a Google Map. In the ‘Drawing’ section you’ll find all the available options. You’ll be able to choose a figure, its color and size, opacity and border settings. Visit this page for a more detailed guide with screenshots. You’ll also find a video tutorial there. 

  1. To display messages on shapes you’ll also need to go to the ‘Drawing’ section.
  2. After clicking on a figure there will appear a window with options.
  3. Type in a text in the field for it. Instead of a message, you can insert a redirect URL if needed. This is an instruction on how to do it.

Now try out these features using our example map below. Just click on any of the shapes and you’ll see a small window with text. If you click on a triangle, the plugin will redirect you to another page.