A custom infowindow offers a differentiated style to your maps that can be adapted to the overall look of your website. It displays content (usually text or images) in a popup window above the map, in a given location.


The solution provides a lot of advantages to the sites that have Google Maps inserted. Without the plugin, users can add only standard options that often don’t satisfy all their needs. Installing it you’ll be able to add infowindows straight over the map. Their benefit is in the following features:

  • Showing addresses
  • Attaching pictures
  • Access to the information just by clicking the marker
  • Quick switching between locations 
  • Different marker icons for different types of objects

We also have collected a list of ways how infowindows will help your business. The better part of them is about improving the user experience during visiting your site. This solution is designed to show that you care about your customers and to increase their loyalty to your company. This is how it works:

  • Users will be able to see more information about the objects they are interested in without leaving the map page.
  • Attaching images will help customers to get the idea of objects.
  • People will find and recognize establishments easier after they see the pictures of them.
  • Data in infowindows helps to differentiate places and see which of them is closer or more convenient to reach.
  • Well-made photos of your objects will raise interest and contribute to their promotion and visiting.
  • Getting information just after clicking on the markers helps to quickly switch between locations and compare them.
  • Thanks to showing addresses there is no need to search for them additionally. It’s especially useful when mapping or planning routes.

How to create

Our plugin allows creating infowindows just in a few clicks. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Open the Add or Edit Map page.
  2. In the field ‘Location information’ enter all details about the object.
  3. Near the ‘On Click’ tab tick ‘Display infowindow’.
  4. Type in a description of the object in the field for the message.
  5. Click the ‘Choose’ button near ‘Location image’ and upload a picture of the object.
  6. Save the changes.

You can read more detailed instructions with screenshots here. Another important part is to adjust when information about the establishments will appear on the map. Scroll down to ‘Infowindow Settings’ and select ‘Mouse Click’ or ‘Mouse Hover’ in the field ‘Show infowindow on’. There is also an option to set different kinds of markers. Just click on the ‘Choose’ button in the field ‘Choose marker image’ and select it. The full guide on how to do it is here.

Experience all the benefits of this solution with our example map: