Extra fields are used to display extra information of the location in info-window by using custom placeholders. WP google map allow you to create unlimited extra fields and display them in info window.

Show Locations Data

Step 1Go to Setting page of wp google map and scroll down to the ‘Extra Fields’ section.
Step 2 Add extra fields like Phone, website etc and Click Save Setting.
Extra Field

Step 3Go to Add or Edit Locations and add information in ‘Extra Field(s)’ section.
Extra Fields
Step 4 Then click Save Location.
Step 5After add extra field in location , Go to Add or Edit Map page and scroll down to ‘Infowindow Settings’ section and use placeholders in ‘Infowindow Message’ input field.
* Use {extra_field} to display extra field, in the infowindow content. In this e.g You can use extra field as a placeholder like {phone}, {website} etc.
Location Infowindow
Step 6click Save Map and your Location infowindow looks like :


Video Tutorial