You can disable map drag and scroll wheel zoom to completely lock a Google Map. It means that when your mouse moves over it, the overlay will be covering it and it won’t zoom in and out. Let’s find out when it’s necessary.

When you need it

The key benefit of embedding a Google Map instead of just a picture is its ability to move and change scale. So, why to disable map drag and scroll wheel zoom? We’ve provided a few cases below:

  • People usually scroll websites moving a mouse in the center of a page. Getting over a map it zooms it instead of continuing to scroll. People often get irritated because of this when they need to look through a page quickly. If a larger or smaller map scale is not necessary, this option is blocked.
  • It can be important to concentrate the attention of customers on some area or object. That’s why companies disable map drag to focus them on what is necessary.
  • When locations are far from each other but it’s crucial to see them all at once, developers disable scroll wheel zoom. It helps to provide a general view of the case.
  • Quite often a movable Google Map is unnecessary when displaying statistical data. It distracts attention or requires extra actions to bring the initial look back. That’s why it’s better to block this option.

How it works

A Google Map is active by default when you embed it.

  1. You can disable map drag and scroll wheel zoom in settings. In the section for general information tick the boxes with these options and save changes.
  2. After refreshing the page the map will become immovable. Read more detailed tutorials with screenshots here and here.

Now let’s check how it works. We have applied these settings for the map below. Try to click on it, hold the mouse and move it. It won’t change. If you scroll the map, it won’t zoom as well. The only way to change it is to click on ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. It will impact the scale but you’ll see clearer only a central area of the picture. Compare these two images – we just zoomed in the first map with the help of buttons:

Experience disable map drag and scroll wheel zoom feature yourself exploring our example map: