Before to display search Form, category sorting filter, Radius filter first you need to display listings below the map. Previously we have seen tutorial Display listings below the map. The refer How to Display listings below the map.
In this tutorial we will use search form ,category sorting filter ,Radius filter.

Search Form

Search Form is used to search any location and display it on map.

Step 1 Enable ‘Display Search Form’ option in ‘Listing Settings’ section as below.

Display Search Form

then you’ll see the search field below the map on the frontend.

Step 2 Enter a search location into the search box. Search results will appear automatically in listing the locations Filters as you type.

Search Form

Category Sorting Filter

Sort locations by title, category name or address, alphabetically, in both ascending and descending order.

Step 1 In ‘Listing Settings’ section enable ‘Display Category Filter’ option and also enable ‘Display Sorting Filter’ tab.

Sorting Filter

Step 2 Move to browser and select any category and sorting filter from listing. You’ll see location display according to your category sorting.(See image)

category Sorting

Radius Filter

Mapping for single points on a map and filtering within a specific mile radius.
Step 1 Enable ‘Display Radius Filter’ option in ‘Listing Settings’ section.

Radius Filter

Dimension : Dimension is the unit of distance, you can choose kilometers, miles. Calculator will immediately calculate with selected distance unit.
Radius Options : You can use this tool to find the radius around a point on the map.

Step 2 You can create as many radius using comma(,). Then you’ll see the radius dropdown below the map on the frontend.

Radius Search

Miscellaneous Options

You can display sorting, switch between grid & list view, and print listing options as well. If you tick all of them, it will give you all-in-one solution.

Listing Page

then you’ll see an awesome locations listing, with filters, below the map on the frontend.

Front All Listing