In our WP MAPS PRO plugin version 5.0, we have introduced a new feature where a user can able to filter the locations directly from the URL.

Step 1: Please Go to the ‘Advanced Settings‘ and Enable ‘URL Filter’ under Add/Manage Map Menu.

How to do URL Filter in maps plugin

Step 2: Save it and You are done

Now Go to the frontend where the map is located and pass the parameter with the query string in the URL . Below Mentioned Query Parameters, you can pass along with the URL

search, category, limit, perpage, show_all_locations=true, zoom, hide_map=true, map_only=true


1.) URL Category Filter : Filter the category direct from the URL


2.) URL Zoom Filter: You can change the zoom of the map using a Zoom URL filter.


3.) URL Per Page Filter: Display # of Locations per page.


4.) Hide Map Filter: You can hide the map using URL Filter parameter ‘hide_map= true’.


5.) Map’s Only URL Filter: To show only maps. Tabs, filters, listing will be hide.