Make the search easier with this plugin. Assign categories to your locations and allow visitors to filter objects according to them. Google Maps will become even more user-friendly with this feature.

How it works

To add the feature of filtering by category you need to go to the Location section. Select them from the list of existing or create the new ones. Make sure that objects in the database are assigned categories. After doing this, there will appear a table on the visitor side of the site. It will contain all chosen categories, their icons and a list of locations belonging to each of them. The number of places for every type will also be displayed.

How to use

It’s a detailed guide on how users can apply the plugin’s feature for Google Maps. To filter by category you need to:

  1. Tick the boxes near the categories you are interested in. Pay attention that usually all boxes are selected by default, so you’ll rather have to untick the unnecessary items.
  2. Click the chosen type of location to see the objects it contains. You may also untick the ones that you don’t need. They will disappear from the map after this.
  3. Click the locations of your interest to see them on the map. The window with information about each of them will pop up above the marker.

To have a better understanding of how to do it have a look at the example. Let’s suppose we want to see what museums there are in the world. On the Google Maps page in the table ‘Filter by Categories’ we select ‘Museums’. The number 7 means there are seven establishments of this kind in the given database. 

To get more information about any of the locations we need to click on ‘Museums’. There will appear a list of them. 

Then we select the one we’re interested in and learn more about it in the pop-up infowindow. In case we want to take a closer look at museums in a certain place, we just click the markers on the map. In this example, we chose the Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum in the US.

Let’s imagine we have already visited the Houston Museum and Art Institute of Chicago and don’t want them to distract attention. We just untick them in the table and they will be no more displayed on Google Maps.

Try to do it yourself with our Live Demo version of filtering by category feature: