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How to bookmark location on Google Maps

Using this Google Map add-on your site visitor could bookmark their favorite locations on a map. In this add-on, you could display a bookmark icon on location infowindow or a location listing as per your requirements. You need to this {is_favorite} placeholder to display a location bookmark icon on location info window and location listing according to you.

Before activating this extension, you need first to activate WP MAPS PRO. Please follow the given steps to configure this add-on.

Step 1 Please navigate to Add or Edit Map and scroll down to “Infowindow Message for Locations” section and insert bookmark placeholder on your selected info window.

Step 2 Please navigate to “Location Listing” section and insert a bookmark placeholder on your selected info window.

Step 3: After a small process click on “Save Map” button.

You will see the working demo here.

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