With this WP Google Maps Migration add-on, site owners can migrate google maps created with our main plugin, WP MAPS PRO plugin For WordPress from one WordPress website to another WP website in seconds. Site admin will only need to download the backup file from the source WP website and then import that backup file into the target WP website.

Please make sure you have installed the WP MAPS PRO plugin & WP Google Maps Migration Addon into your website. In case you have not installed it yet. Please download these plugins and configure them first.

Migrate Google Map One Site To Another Site

Step 1 Please navigate to the WP MAPS PRO -> Google Maps Migration”.

Export To Other Website:

Step 2 Please select the “Export To Website” option from the ‘Select Process’.

Step 3 After that click on the “Download Backup” button to download your all maps with all settings. It imports all the maps with their locations, routes, categories, additional fields, markers, location images.

Now we have a backup .txt file. we import this website map data using this .txt file on our new website

Import From Other Website:

Step 1 Please select the “Import From Other Website”option from the ‘Select Process’.


Step 2 If you already created a map on the new website and wanted to overwrite all old google map plugin data with new data then, please enable this checkbox. Otherwise, go to step 3.

Step 3 Please upload backup .txt file.

Step 3 After a small process please click on the ‘Import Google Maps‘ button.

After that, your data is imported you can check.