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Display custom Mysql data on Google Maps

With this WP Maps Pro and Mysql Data On maps plugin, you can display custom Mysql table data on google maps very easily and with flexibility. You can easily decide what information pieces ( out of different columns in the table) they want to display on google maps. The Mysql table columns can be easily selected and mapped from the back-end to serve as title, content in the info-window, and listing.

Please make sure you have installed WP Maps Pro plugin into your website. In case you have not installed it yet. Please download these plugins and configure them first. Here are the following steps to install the WP Maps Pro plugin.

Here is the following process to configure Mysql Data On maps plugin add-on:

Step 1: Please navigate to the “WP Maps Pro -> MySQL TABLE To Map”.

Step 2: Please select your map from the given ‘Select Map’ dropdown to add locations on a map.

Step 3: After selecting a map you will see one more dropdown “Please Select a WordPress Table” is visible here, select table to map fields for location.

Step 4: When you select the table, all the columns associated with it appear below with some dropdown. Select associated location field data from the given dropdown in front of a table field.

Step 5: After selecting the associated location field from the given dropdown in front of a table field, click on ‘Save Settings’.

Note: Title, Latitude, and Longitude are required for mapping. You can use Extra Fields and Category for multiple column mapping.

Step 6: Please navigate to the “WP Maps Pro -> Edit Map” edit the selected map and scroll down to the “MySql To Google Maps (Addon Settings)”.

Step 7: Enable “Enable MySql Locations” checkbox from ‘MySql To Google Maps (Addon Settings)‘ given section and save settings.

Step 8:  After enabling this add-on please click on “Save Map”.
You could see your selected table field data is displaying on a selected map.

You will see working demo here.

Now you can display custom Mysql data on Google Maps.

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