In our updated version 5.0.0 of plugin we have added number of skins which are applied on a Location infowindow very easily. We have also provided an editor which is very useful to customize the infowindow content like Fonts Family, Font Style, Alignment, Font Color, Font Size, Font Color etc similarly you can manage infowindow by applying your custom margin,padding and choose background color or any image as a background. This package makes plugin more powerful. In this tutorial we’ll help you to apply skins on a Location Infowindow and customize it using Editor.

How to Apply skin on a Location Infowindow

Step 1Go to Manage Map -> Edit Page.
Step 2Scroll down to ‘Infowindow Message for Locations’ section and Choose ‘Any Skin’ as you like.

Step 3 To customize, click on a Skin preview header/body to customize any part of an infowindow. An Editor will open and you can choose Fonts Family, Style, Color according to your need.


Step 4Then click Save Map. Now you’ll see selected skin is applied on an infowindow and customized infowindow body color/fonts display according to it.