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Load scripts and Google Maps after user cookies consent

As you hearing about GDPR which is, The General Data Protection Regulation, will be applicable to all companies who are working with personal data of EU citizens. We have made this plugin compliant with the GDPR with easy steps.

What is the Issue

Google maps are loaded using google maps API so when API is loaded from the Google, Visitor’s IP address is sent to Google without the user consent. So this is a GDPR problem definitely.


Step 1: Go to Settings and enable “Cookies Acceptance”. Once you do this, google maps api scripts & maps will be loaded after visitor’s cookies acceptance.

Load Scripts & Maps After User Cookies Consent Wpmapspro

Step 2: You can show Cookies Policy to visitors using Cookie Notice by dFactory which is easy to use and has many options for configuration.

Step 3: Use ‘wpgmp_accept_cookies’ hook to restrict scripts loading until user consent cookies policy. If you’re using any other GDPR or Cookies plugin, you can use it easily using this hook. Below is example code if you use “Cookie Notice by dFactory” plugin.

Verify Cookies Consent Before Showing the Google Maps

GDPR Support

If you have any question or any code you want us to integrate for GDPR, please contact us at support@flippercode.com and we’d be happy to assist you.

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