To display posts content over the google maps is useful feature in this plugin. You can display posts on google maps using your own custom fields or wp google map pro meta box added by this plugin. You can display post title, post excerpt, post content, post categories, post tags and custom fields without any programming.

Step 1 From dashboard , Go to Posts and enter the title.

Step 2 In the Text box area insert post content which you want to display in infowindow message.

Post Content

Step 3 Select location from ‘WP Google Map Pro’ metabox and click to “publish”.


Step 4 Now you can setup posts information to be displayed on the infowindow message using placeholder –
{post_title}, {post_link}, {post_excerpt}, {post_content}, {post_featured_image}, {post_categories}, {post_tags}, {%custom_field_name_here%}.
For This Go to Edit Map and under ‘Infowindow Settings’ use the post infowindow placeholder.Below is screenshot.

Post Infowindow

Step 5 Save Map and open it in browser.
You’ll now see

Post Content Display

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