Advanced Google Map Plugin is the easiest way to create a map and display google map on any page using short codes. It allows you to easily add a Google map to any WordPress post, page by simply adding the shortcode.

Way to create a map

Step 1 Go to Add Map From WP Google map plugin.

Step 2 Enter Map title, width, height, zoom level and other general information. You’ll see lots of options here which you can configure according to your requirements.

How to create a map Wpmapspro

  • Map Title : This will appear as the title of the map in your blog/ website.(Mandatory)
  • Map Width : This is the width of the map. (e.g 500).
  • Map Height : Sets the height of the map.(Mandatory)
  • Map Zoom Level : Sets the various levels at which map can be zoomed. The default zoom level is set to 0.
  • Map Type : WP MAPS PROvides four types of maps , Select any Map type which you want to dispay in your site.

Assign locations in map

Now you have to add locations in your map. To do so Scroll down to Choose Locations section of the same window and select locations.

Add Map Choose Location Wpmapspro plugin

Click Save Map. All the maps you created will be display in Manage Map page.