is a repository of awesome styles for Google Maps. You can use them easily within this plugin. All you need to apply skins is just to insert a code.


Beautiful design is the first thing that catches an eye when visiting a website. It creates the image of a company and can either improve or lead to losing its reputation. Quite often customers decide whether to trust a vendor or not depending on how its website looks. There is even a saying ‘First impressions are half the battle’ which means that appearance is hugely important, especially for marketing and promotion purposes.

If Google Maps is often used by your customers, then we would recommend to improve their user experience, impression and develop loyalty with the help of beautiful skins. Consider the reasons for this:

  • The map will comply with the website design.
  • You can highlight the elements that are more important to the specific activity of your company and play down the unnecessary ones (e.g. streets, landscape, names, etc.).
  • You’ll be able to follow the latest trends of web design or select the skins for Google Maps that you like the most.
  • A different map style will make your site stand out from others and visitors will remember it for a longer time.

These marketing tricks will help to make your website recognizable, up-to-date and stylish. Use them to increase sales and win more regular customers.

How to apply

If you decided to change the theme for your map, our plugin will help to do it as easily as possible. Take a look at the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Snazzymaps and choose the style that you like or the one that will suit the design of your website the most.
  2. In the left sidebar of the selected theme’s page there will be a field with the code. Copy it to the clipboard. 
  3. Open the Add or Edit Map page and paste the copied code in the section ‘Map Style Setting’. 
  4. Enjoy the new skins for your Google Map!

You can find more extended instructions and a video tutorial on this page

We’ve created a list of our favorite styles. This is how different a map can look. Enjoy the examples below: