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Display near by amenities listing on Google Maps

With this NearBy Amenities Listing On Google Maps extension, site admins can display nearby amenities that are present around a location specified from the backend on the google maps. Site visitors will see the amenities data on the map in form of markers & in the listing just like they see it in case of assigned locations/places.

Please make sure you have installed the WP MAPS PRO plugin &and NearBy Amenities Listing On Google Maps extension into your website. In case you have not installed it yet. Please download these plugins and configure them first.

Display Nearby Features on Google Maps

Step 1 Please navigate to Add / Edit Map page create a map and select the location as per your need.

Step 2 In this page scroll down to the “Google Maps Amenities” section.

Step 3 Enable the “Show Amenities” checkbox given in this section.

Step 4 Select “Miles / KM” as per your need from the ‘Dimension’ option, then insert radius in ‘Radius Options’ to display search result according to the given radius.

Step 5 After that please select amenities which you want to display on the map as per your requirements.

Step 4 Please scroll down to the “Display Nearby Amenities Google Maps ( Addon Settings )” section.

Step 5 Enable the “Display Amenities Data on map” checkbox given in this section.

Step 6 After enabling this, insert the number of seconds in the given “Amenities Load Time” textbox.

Step 7 If you want to show nearby amenities according to the user’s current location then, please enable this “Nearby Amenities By User Current Location” checkbox. Once the user allows the location access listing will be updated.

Step 8 Please go to the “Amenities Listing Result” section, and select result criteria from the given option “Listing Result Criteria” as per your requirments.


Step 9 After this small process please click on the “Save” button.

You will see on the frontend your selected amenities are displaying on the map and listing.

To view a demo please click here.

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