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Latest Inventions in Google Maps Platform

Latest Inventions in Google Maps Platform

Google Maps is one of the best, authenticated, and widely used location solution providers for businesses. With over a 200million+ companies and places registered, it makes it the best platform for business owners to attract more and more customers. In this World of the internet, we all aware of Google Maps, but we are not aware of Google Maps Platform and even what are the latest inventions in Google Maps Platform. Today, we will discuss the Google Maps Platform and the latest inventions within it. So, let’s catch all the information below:

What is the Google Maps platform?

Google Maps platform

Google Maps platform is a combination of SDK and APIs, which gives website developers ease in adding Google Maps to their website or mobile app. The main feature of Google maps platforms is to retrieve data from Google Maps. There are many variations available within the Google maps platform. Google Maps was invented 50 years ago by a group of professionals to change the world of maps. And there are many all-in-one Google map WordPress plugins, which make addition, updating or deletion easier.

Latest Inventions in Google Map Platform

After understanding what Google Map Platform is, and now it is time, we must talk about the latest inventions in the Google Map platform. The above post is beneficial for website developers and business owners who want to reach their customers quickly and easily.

Eco-friendly routes available

Eco friendly routes available

In September 2022, the Google Map platform grabs the feature of eco-friendly routing where a driver can choose the best route which consumes less fuel. It is one of the most-demanded features in the Google map platform by the developers. All the data gets retrieved from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

According to the reports, it is believed that this feature will be very much beneficial in reducing the impact of carbon emissions.

Address Validation API

Address Validation API

We cannot ignore the value of the address in the Google map platform, so it is essential to keep it accurate. With the help of the address validation API, it becomes much easier to resolve issues related to inaccurate address. It is very much beneficial in finding missing information in Google maps. Moreover, it also improves formatting within Google maps.

Advanced markers

Advanced markers

With the advanced markers within the Google Maps platform, creating and customizing red pins becomes much easier. If a developer wants to change the color, including the background color of the marker, then it can be quickly done with the help of the Advanced marker feature in the Google Maps platform.

Routes API

Routes APIWith the help of distance matrix API, it becomes much easier for people to reach from location A to location B. And routes API is the advanced version, which is important in offering flexible routes options to the users. There are multiple options available within this that are two wheel routing options, real-time traffic options, eco-friendly routing, and many more.

New Map customization two Demos

The two demos are a combination of google maps platform products and features, which aims to offer a unique and the best geospatial experience. Add a soundtrack to your google map with this fantastic feature.

Last Words

We hope you have all cleared with the latest Google Map inventions. So, start using these same features in your google map to give a better experience to the users.

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