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Different Types of Google Maps Platform API

API or application programming interface is the only tool kit that makes embedding Google map into a website or application relatively easier. APIs are the only one who has offered the real-time experience of maps. But do you know that different APIs vary according to the platform? And it is the major question that arises in everyone who has done with getting started with Google Maps Platform API.If yes, then the post below will be very beneficial for you as here we will share all those in detail so that it will be easier for you to use in a website or application.

Android Development

The APIs for Android are very much beneficial in adding Google Map into Android application. Here are some of its types that you must know:

Maps SDK for Android

As its name describes, the Maps SDK for Android greatly benefits from adding Google Maps to the Android application. It displays Maps data, maps responses, and maps displays in the application. Some other features you can add with the help of Maps SDK for Android are markers, overlays, and polygons.

Places SDK for Android

The  places SDK for Android is very much important in location-based applications. They are very much beneficial for local businesses. This implies you can assemble rich applications in light of spots that mean something to the client to supplement the clear geographic-based administrations presented by the Android area administrations. In other words, it collects information about the places for the users.

iOS Development

The APIs for Android are very much beneficial in adding Google Map into iOS application. Here are some of its types that you must know:

Places SDK for iOS

The places SDK for iOS  is beneficial in creating location-based applications that showcase local places and businesses near the iOS device. In other words, it is very much beneficial in building of such applications that are worthful for the iOS user.

Maps SDK for iOS

With the help of Maps SDK for iOS, it becomes easier to add Google Maps to the iOS application. It is responsible for handling everything related to the map display, Google Map servers, clicks, and even drags. If you want an impressive look to the maps, then you can customize your maps with this Maps SDK for iOS.

Embeded Maps Web APIs

Ease adding maps into the website without any coding with the help of the web APIs. Check out some of the web APIs and add into your website.

Maps Embed API

Maps Embed APIs let the developer add Google Maps into their website without any type of coding. Web API lets the developer in adding a street view panoramic to the website. Moreover, everything is done with the help of HTTP requests, and you do not need Javascript.

Maps Javascript API

Give an appealing look to your existing map with the help of  Maps Javascript API. Use your imagination and content to give an interesting look to your map. There are four features, which are available within Maps Javascript API that are terrain, roadmap, satellite, and hybrid.

Places Library, Maps JavaScript API

It makes the users search for the places within a particular location or even according to a particular point of interest. With the help of the Places Library, Maps Javascript API autocomplete feature, one can use the type-ahead behavior within the Google search field. For example, you have to enter the information about the address, and then the API will complete the pending information.

Maps Static API

Add images of Google Maps to your website without any coding or dynamic page loading with the help of the Maps Static API. It creates a map according to the URL parameters.

Street View Static API

Add an innovative street view to your app or website with this fantastic street view static API. Add a thumbnail or a non-interactive street view to your website with a simple HTTP request.

Web Service API

The web service Application programming interface, which is made for API browser. Here are some of the types of the web service API.

Directions API

Display directions to reach from one place to the other with the help of the directions API. Whether a person is driving, cycling or walking makes them easier to reach their destination with this API. This API is very beneficial for logistics companies and delivery partners.

Distance Matrix API

Calculate the time and distance to travel to a particular destination while adding distance matrix API into the application or website.

Elevation API

Elevation API is beneficial in checking for elevation changes within a particular route. There may be many elevation paths in a specific route, and elevation API is beneficial in checking for all those routes.

Geocoding API

The Geocoding API is important in transferring any address into longitude or latitude coordinates or even longitude or latitude coordinates into the address.

Geolocation API

The Geolocation API collects data from cell towers and wifi nodes. The geolocation API captures data from clients and then sends it back to the server in response to that.

Places API

Places API is all loaded with around 2000 million sites. The major features of the places API are place search, place detail, place photos, place autocomplete, query autocomplete, place IDs, and many more.

Roads API

The roads API check for the road the vehicle is traveling about. The major features of the roads API are snaps to streets, nearest roads, and many more.

Time Zone API

As its name describes, the Time Zone API displays the time data for any of the places across the World. The time zone API offers an interface to check for the time zone of any of the locations across the earth.

Cross Platform

As its name describes, that cross platform API is the one, which can be used by any of the platform.

Maps URLs

Design or develop a universal platform to access a Google map on your website or application with this Maps Urls API. Whether you want to perform searches or you want to have an idea about directions, then Map URLs are the ones that will be beneficial for you.

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