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Search Widget for Google Maps

An Advanced Google Map Pro plugin add-on that enables the site admins to display a search form and to allow visitors to search records on google maps based on keywords provided.

With this WP MAPS PRO and Search Widget for Google Maps, site admins can display search form very easily and with flexibility. You can easily decide which map will connect with specific search form by passing map URL in shortcode. You have to enable URL filter for that specific map.

You could pass form title, search box placeholder and search location button text through parameter in shortcode. There is the plugin settings page for save these parameter value common for all search form. Shortcode parameter got priority to show labels in form.

Find Near By Restaurant

For Testing : Please enter “denny” in search-box and hit search button. This will take you to the map page and will display the matching entries. You can use this search box for any business domain – for real estate, restaurants, schools, universities any any sort of site which is displaying data on google maps. This search widget helps your site visitors to find out their desired result right from the homepage if you add this form on homepage of your site. Usage are totally based on how you want to use this. This extention / addon is useful for all the site owners that are already using WP MAPS PRO For WordPress plugin for displaying any kind of data on it.

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